Lupe Fiasco – Words We Want to Say?

“I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit, just a poor excuse for you to use up all your bullets”

When it come to expressing yourself being an ‘artist’ gives you more freedom than any other avenue; this was more the case when twitter and facebook was not available to any individual with thoughts and an internet connection.

Obama was sworn in for his second term having won over the republican candidate Mitt Romney, the ceremony coincided with Dr. Martin Luther King’s weekend celebration bridging years of struggle; the moment marked a great point in the history of African-America; this moment was somehow overshadowed by the protest of Lupe Fiasco of whom invited to perform at a Youth Inauguration ball found it fit to rap an extended version of his single ‘Words I Never Said’.

From the information that has come from this ‘display’ it just leaves you to question both parties. Fiasco is known having expressed his viewes and also appeared on Bill O’ Rilley freely expressing how he felt about the American Government and President Barak Obama, stating that he is “the biggest terrorist” logic must has been amis on the part of the individual scheduling the artists.

Fiasco was ultimately escorted off stage by security but was this all a show to display the ‘freedom of speech’ that is enabled unto the American person?
Was it just a promotional gimmick?
Why did Lupe agree to perform at the event in the first place?
Someone Fiasco, StartUp RockOn even Obama anyone with answers.

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