Something Necessary

“Until we us Kenya’s understand why we did, what we did to each other we cannot move on”

‘Something Necessary’ is the latest release from the producers of ‘Nairobi Half life‘ the film depicts the life of two protagonists after the 2007 election violence that took place in the Republic of Kenya, it follows the story of a mother who lost her husband as she fights for land and is drawn to a gang member who participated in the riots as he tries to finds a way to redeem himself.

The trailer has a wonderful setup and starts a dialogue that at times been kept aside in the years since and as the next major general election approach in March 2013 it is an interesting take to see how film can offer the needed platform.

2 thoughts on “Something Necessary”

    1. Thanks for the comment. Personally cannot wait to watch the film and fully grasp the deapth that she brings to the character.


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