Killer Mike – Regan

Once in a while you come across music that changes it all, either for the artist or for the individual listening; this song ‘Regan’ has to be a recent find that made me position my thinking differently,  they are artists….. specifically rap artist who are willing to sit and address political issues that effect the world. Killer Mike does it so well that Rap Genius has a breakdown of the lyrics.

“A lot of people try to peg me as a political rapper and I’m not. I’m a social commentator and at times people have politicized the things I say, but I don’t care too much for any political party. I care about people. Under Reagan, drugs were allowed to flood our community and wipe out two to three generations of people that could have kept my community growing and I take exception to that. I threw a BBQ when Reagan died. It’s not a vehement hate though, I’m not gonna spit on his grave. I wanted to break down what the Reagan era was really like.” — Killer Mike

An interesting point that Mike makes is the fact that he is a “social commentator” and not a political rapper this is an interesting stance considering when it comes to music the second you choose to address social issues you are deemed a ‘political activist’ rather than a commentator.

Whatever happended to all the commentators that we were accustomed too?

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