Obama Is Wrong To Address Kenya?

President Barak Obama has officially addressed Kenya during the lead up to the general elections that will be held in March 2013. Pointing out the post-elections violence of 2007 he called for a fair election that has no United States endorsement. The video was making its rounds on Facebook with Diaspora Kenya’s and fellow African’s commenting on their excitement at the address.

The message had several points that did not resonate well the fact that you can clearly see Obama read of a TelePrompTer, the opening and closing words having been in Swahili and the Swahili captions at the bottom of the screen.

Firstly Kenya is a British Colonial, speaking and reading in English is a given, so the Whitehouse could have done with saving the budget in not having a Swahili speaker translate the message.

Secondly the countless undermining tones that resonated thought the message for example:

“This election can be another milestone towards a truly democratic Kenya”

“Kenya to prove to the world that despite the 2007/8 post election violence, Kenya is still East African’s beacon of peace.”

This now means because Uncle Obama is watching the Kenyan elections have to be run smoothly otherwise we will be subjected to yet another talking to.


Uhuru Kenyatta responds to the message from Barak Obama

2 thoughts on “Obama Is Wrong To Address Kenya?”

  1. Am I missing something (and I do admit that I didn’t watch the vid)? Why is Obama wrong to advise Kenya to have a fair and non-violent election? I know I wouldn’t vote if I thought it was likely to leave me roughed up or worse. Nicola


    1. They are a number of reasons why Obama addressing Kenya before the elections isn’t necessary a good move. Overall though the fact that it was done just paints a condescending and somewhat childish outlook on Kenya and other African nation coming across as “we still have to teach ‘you’ what democracy is”


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