Oliver Mtukudzi – Wasakara

Over the past month of January a great musical journey has reemerged in me and as I still down on a Sunday evening to talk and at time disagree with my mothers political views I cling on the hope of yet another moment that I can bask in the glory of her admitting in her own special way that I was right. Till then I choose to enjoy the wonderful sounds of Oliver Mtukudzi a Zimbabwean musician who’s husky voice has captivated my ears since an introduction from a friend; this song particular caught my attention as according to some is directed at President Robert Mugabe, this song standouts as the only few protest that can be demonstrated with the nation.
Below is a transition of the chorus as follows:

Bvuma: Admit
Bvuma bvuma iwe: Admit, hey admit
Bvuma wasakara bvuma wakurawe: Admit you have gotten old
Bvuma waunyana: Admit you are worn out

Chikusakara Chiiko kukurawe: What is getting old?
Chikusakara Chiiko kukurawe: What is growing up?

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