Voters vs Vultures

People Power Possibilities

Juliani ft Dela – Voters vs Vultures

Tusi-bleed ndio walead [ Let us not bleed so they lead] as Kenyans prepare to head to the polling station on March 4th 2013, social conscious rapper Juliani has teamed up with songstress Dela to remind voters to make the right choice for Kenya. Directed by Babbi the video sees a group lead by activist Boniface Mwangi match through a shanty town taking down Vulture posters and replacing them with MaVulture’s posters.

The single is part of Juliani’s new Kama Si Sisi [If it is Not Us] campaign geared to “encourage the youth to be actively involved in the Political, Economical, Social agenda in their community and country.” This is not the first politically constructed song that Julian has released renowed for his work he strives to constantly provoke individuals to look at the wider picture when it comes to social issues.

For more information on the MaVultures movement visit the link below.

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