Mama Kenya

Mama Kenya – Juliani ft The Music Summit

As Kenya’s head out on one of the most anticipated date 4th March 2013 we your fellow diaspora brothers and sisters wish all voters the best; exercising your democratic right is one that should be fullfield with no fear and with the best intentions towards the majority citizens. Let’s mark the 50th Year with great pride and accomplishment.

Juliani released this timely classic that went beyond the initial goal and rung true to protecting the Nation of Kenya today and in the future. “Kenya being our mother we should adhere to preserve and protect its growing legacy.”

Eight Musicians from six counties spent long hours deep into the AM to come up with this timely and relevant song ‘MAMA KENYA’ First they met women from Dagoreti who shared on their struggles, triumph and hopes. The Talented musicians captured this very well in this song to amplify these voices with the hope that the whole country will take heed and protect the ever vulnerable group the women.

With the song Mama Kenya ‘Music, Power and Politics’ acknowledges the Women Empowerment Link, Juliani and the Music Summit for exercising their musical talents and empowering daily politics

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