World Music and Us

Guest Post from Blogger CuriousFranc

World Music

You may be thinking that world music to some extent means all different kinds of music from the likes of Justin Bieber to Chipmunk! But did you know there is an actual musical category called World music? If you did well done *claps* but if you did not do not worry I will give you a wonderful overview of this beautiful genre.

This musical category includes many different styles of music from around the world representing their tradition, culture and exoticness. It’s also has a huge contribution to fashion and also dance to some extent. Now world music has various strong topics ranging from love to politics which are expressed not just by the words but also the passion and instruments used within the songs.  World music is more or less local music from different countries. The type of music your parents would recognize or music from your country that is not mainstream and also personal.

Now world music is not just the commercial world music we slightly know about. This ranges from Folk tunes to Kizomba/Zouk for example. It also does not mean music from Africa as you must have gathered it is cultural music from around world that is not under the mainstream genres. A lot of world music have fused together creating a lot of hybrid versions of the original world music creating a wonderful bunch of modern and enjoyable type of world music!

Here are a few websites and links to give you guys a taste;


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