Fantastic May For Diasporan Kenyans


It is safe to say that Kenyan’s in the United Kingdom have been spoilt over the last two weeks with the annual appearance of Rugby 7s and a visit from President Uhuru Kenyatta it has been a week to scream and shout about check out the breakdown below.

On the 7th of May 2013 Kenyan Diasporas had a chance to meet with President Uhuru Kenyatta the recently elected fourth President of the Republic of Kenya after attending a summit in London his first official State Visit, he addressed Kenyans simply with a great vision that sees the diaspora as part of the growing and blooming future of Kenya in the coming years. Music, Power and Politics was in attendance during the evening a number of points rung deep.

  • Dispelling the myths of Africa as a “dark continent”
  • “Diaspora Kenyans challenging and changing the ideologies that have been implemented on the nation”
  • Sharing rising opportunities in the Republic of Kenya and what that means to the possible investors and investments

The address was short and captured the main importance availing Kenyans living in the UK a chance to acknowledge and to be acknowledged by the incoming parliament.

Aside from the address from President Uhuru Kenyatta HSBC Rugby 7s was upon us and the Kenyan 7s team did not disaponit  managing to come fourth overall it is safe to say that it has been a fantastic week and hopefully a great reflection on the weeks to come as Kenya gears to celebrate 50th Independence.

Images Courtesy of UK-KEN TV and David Mbiyu

   Kenya 5Oth

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