Shuga cast

So MTV Shuga finally received its long awaited premier on December 1st 2013, with a fresh new location and faces. For anyone who missed the memo Shuga Series two was the setup to moving the series to Nigeria following the character Femi on his return to Lagos with a secret that has changed his life.

MTV Shuga has a strong and vital message behind the series and it would be petty to completely overshadow this review with an analysis of the characters and techniques, well before we get to the analysis lets give credit where its due and that is in maintaining a mainstream show on a popular network that raises awareness on HIV and AIDs.

The show has definitely moved into a more melodramatic “Nollywood” production feel the overacting and lack of acting experience that comes across from a number of actors is hard to ignore.  Let’s not forget that Shuga series one gave the world Lupita Nyong’o, Nick Mutuma and Anto Neo Soul.

From the premier on MTV Shuga both on air and online my phone set off buzzing with messages of opinions and request for the link to watch the series, on my part  I was disappointed that the production moved from Nairobi as it was just setting a momentum and beginning to set itself aside as a production to be rivaled with challenging the standards of productions and placing Kenyan actors on a world stage, I mean ‘Shuga’ has been aired on MTV globally, BET and the African Channel.

To catch up on the series so far follow the link  Shuga series 3

Episode One: Homecoming

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