Video: Sarabi Band ft Juliani

Sarabi Band ft Juliani – Sheria

This song should have made an earlier feature on the blog considering its realise carefully coincided with Kenya’s 50th Anniversary, the song features Julian a constant offender when it comes to airing Kenyans political wrong doings and corruption that cripples individuals advancement. The video also features activist and photographer Boniface Mwangi and ‘Nairobi Half Life’ actor Olwenya Maina.

The video beings with Maina running to deliver medication but is soon after arrested and thrown into a police pick-up where others arrested pack the back; the trend continues until the police reach the station, where the arrested turn to question in song how the law is followed by the individuals who are meant to implement it in a truthful way. The song raises awareness on both sides of the law not choosing to solely concentrate on the law makers but also the citizens.

The important aspect of the song and its lyrical context is the delivery, Sarabi Band is made up of young men and it is refreshing to see the youth questions not only the tactics of the law makers but also the individuals the laws were made to protect.

Chorus: Kiswahili
Sheria oaa,
Sheria, Sheria
Fuata Sheria

Chorus: English

Law, Law Law. Follow Law

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