Beauty: Whitelicious Dencia

“White Means Pure”

Whitelicious Cream started making its rounds on social media a few months ago when Dencia a Cameroon ‘Pop Star’ struck the worlds attention with a new product a “Dark Spot Remover” that appeared to have taken her own complexion a number of shades lighter. Dencia then went on to engage in a one sided rant with Lupita Nyong’o after her Essence speech and recently appeared on Channel 4 news to voice her opinions.

A number of things arise in this interview and one being that Dencia is more interested in making a name for herself no matter how controversial her product; truth be told she is not the finest of musicians and has light bills to pay just like the rest of the world. It would have been nice of her to have a stance that she truthfully stood by during this interview and I can only pray she finds one when she sits down with Oprah. One point is for sure as adults you can make you own choices on what is applied on your body but for the young black girls growing up and looking for images that reflect themselves; what is the message that is relayed to them?

Dencia as we all are, is a reflection of our community and she brings forth a conversation that has been whispered over beauty product counters and kitchen tables for many years. The idea that ‘lighter is better’, is challenged today with stronger voices such as Phinna Ijeki that strip apart the argument that she would like to pass forward as nothing close to a skin bleaching product. My only issue with this whole story is that the more it is discussed and appears on blogs and television screen the more publicity this product gets, but I hold on the the faith that many young girls will see the beauty that each individual is made in an not feel the pressure to compromise their health for more attention ultimately confidence in beauty is something that has to be consciously built and cannot be bought.

Does White Mean Pure?

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