Review: Mumbi 'Discovered'


Artist: MUMBI 

EP : ‘Discovered’

Year: 2013


Mumbi is a Kenyan artists of who first caught the industries attention with a cover of Just A Bands ‘Probably for Lovers’ offering a smooth stripped back rendition of the single. The next I heard of Mumbi was with a realise titled ‘The End’ ft Fadhilee Itulya. The world was slowly but surely being introduced to its next female artist in July:14 I got a copy of hers and Wangechi’s Eps and have now worked through them to offer some reviews. 

As with EPs, ‘Discovered’ does the minimum expected firslty introduces Mumbi as an artist and secondly showcases her singing capabilities, ‘Discovered’ features four songs we don’t get a true glimpse of whom Mumbi is within the EP one can say that obviously with only four songs its going to be hard to do so, hence the space left to fully capture her audience in her LP; the four songs on offer fail to showcase Mumbi’s versatility and creatively lyrically or vocally and also in production once again all points that can be addressed in her full length album. 

We should hopefully anticipate a more driven direction when it comes to owning her genre fully and carrying the mantel for young female singers she has a wide advantage at this time and is her own competition within the Kenyan market and has a good starting ground in finding a clear direction be it in creating a cross genre in neo soul and or house. Simply put we need more diversity more display of versatility and vocal range even if it’s one song otherwise Mumbi runs the risk of having safe sounding, non intimidating songs that will not fully perpetuate her to standards that she is more than capable of attaining. 

Maureen Muthoni


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