So I’ve decided to launch something new wait for it….. #MusicCrushMonday yes it come to me clear and straight, well most of my #MCM’s tend to be musician so why not mix it up and also get to share some of the fantastic music am currently listening to …. I hope this segment works beyond today, so the first official Music, Power and Politics #MCM isssss drum rollll…… Blitz The Ambassador.

Time away is always a great time to finally think evaluate, explore some of my fears and get to amerce myself in fantastic music my current listen is Blitz The Ambassador I can’t place when I first come across his music but his name was always circulating among the blogs I follow so this was a long overdue clear listen his mix in visual media commands your full attention, (as a side note I would be interested to see what him and John Akomfrah can cook up) but yup to the main point he has so far been the newest music addition and without aiming to sound cheesy he’s  a breeze, his smooth conscious and one artist that can actually pull me to explore my own musical desires but I digress once again press play enjoy the vibes and visuals for his album ‘Native Sun

Maureen Muthoni 


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