INTERNET: Webisodes

So over the past years webisodes have seriously come up establishing a new way of telling stories. I come across one that really caught my attention about a group of young women who move back to Ghana after a number of years away and manuvor challenging situations to get a great balance between work life, play and love. An African City is only a few episodes so a quick catch up will have you moving in the right direction. The programme deals with issues that reflect the experience of settling back in most African cities after being away so a few tips her and there and you should be good to pack you bags.


Another favourite go to has to be Shuga faithfully in its third season already commissioned for a fourth and the proud producer of Oscar winner Lupita, nothing bets a catch up of MTV Shuga. The series began in Nairobi Kenya and on its third season production was moved to Lagos Nigeria. Shuga offers an insight to young adults life but is strongly driven with its aim of raising awareness on positive behaviour on sexual conduct. The show also gets it fair television distribution but its great to have it available online.

Brothers With No Game

This to me was a perfect gem when I found it, somewhat more relatable as it was based on a group of Londoners, four guys struggling with different aspects of their love lives. The characters develop well and the series was even picked up by Evening Standards London Live channel. Although I felt the third season ended abruptly the first two offer great stories that show a softer side to the male species (of which is very attractive guys). Furthermore the series showcased fantastic Black British acting talents, features an admirable soundtrack and is funny at the right moments.

Share any good recommendation of Webisodes that has captures you viewing pleasure.

Maureen Muthoni 


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