Review: Raheem Baraké EP AWOL

raheem-bakare Artist: Raheem Barake Album: AWOL EP Year: 2014

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Raheem Barake is fast raising in the music scene offering a breath of fresh air AWOL is an extended play released in July 2014 . An EP is a taste of what is to come and am excited to say the least this just shows the great potential that Raheem poses and it gives me great pleasure to know that real RnB is being produced.

 I come across his music from a post of Facebook and as always with new music it was inevitable for me to click and find out more, from a simple interview on MTV Base and videos on Youtube I was hooked. Let it be said that Raheem has managed to blend and cross over a number of generations. How many times can individuals over the age of 20 count the conflict between listening to “current” artists and longing for that real old school RnB flavour, the type of flavor that expreses a lerned art anyway without placing too much weight on his shoulders Raheem manages to do so from his delivery you can tell the obvious musical influences yet he does not age himself nor his music. Two stand out tracks are: Track 4: ‘Portrait of Love’ Track 7: ‘Carried Away’ The live instruments intensifies the flow of the EP a great way to sign out, the EP offers a good amount of work does end abruptly nor does it give a half hearted attempt in short it does what an extended play should do showcase the potential of the artist. Raheem was also apart of the first ever BET Music Matters UK of which can be greater things are to come.

You can listen and download the EP on the link below and also view one of the video releases.

Maureen Muthoni


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