EVENT: Blitz the Ambassador Rocks Nairobi

On Wednesday the 18th February 2015, Nairobi City’s Ebony Lounge was graced by the talented Ghanaian born, New York City based hip hop performer Blitz the Ambassador. The event was courtesy of the weekly hip hop night dubbed, Hip Hop Rapsody that is organiSed by Spark Africa.

To the African Hip Hop heads that are really into the culture the name, Blitz the Ambassador will ring a bell but to casual listener he is a big a mystery.

What was billed to be a listening party for his upcoming EP ‘Diasporadical’ morphed into an energised performance with Blitz the Ambassador actually getting onto the bar and giving the audience a raucous showcase of how an emcee should rock the microphone. He was backed by Blinky Bill, of Just a Band on the decks.

Like some of the audience I had personally not given his music a thorough listen and attended the event more out of curiosity as to what his style of Hip Hop was like than anything else. Blitz delivered and then some, leaving the audience calling for an encore.

You could view the video below to catch a glimpse of his performance.

Fresh off the Sauti Za Busara music festival stage in Zanzibar, Blitz who usually performs backed by a live band made an exemption for Nairobi and gave a thrilling performance backed solely by a deejay. His dexterous and emotionally evoking delivery on hiphop beats crafted with live instrumentation was powerful to experience.

Whats-more his Afrocentric demeanour and how he managed to own the hiphop persona minus a faux American accent is worth emulating as African emcees try to find their own voice in a culture that is steeped in urban African-American tropes. Blitz’ outfit showcased his African heritage too.

The songs he performed were drawn from his upcoming project and his 2014 LP ‘Afropoliltan Dreams’. The stand-out song of the night was his rendition of the song ‘Dikembe’, which had most of the audience on their feet with their hands up in the air waving from side to side.

Also in performance was Muthoni the Drummer Queen, who I must say keeps getting better with every release. As a fan who saw her grow through the singer/poet phase at the British Council into a ferocious emcee and successful event entrepreneur, I have just one word to say to her. Salute! She gave the audience a peek preview of songs off he latest project, ìMDQ ‘Upgraded’ which features a slew of top notch rappers and producers. Her set was backed by DJ FinalKut on the decks.

IMG_6750  IMG_6754

by Kuchio Asonga

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