Here is the second instalment of #MCM our MusicalCrush this Monday is none other than …..  Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano, Delvin Mudigi. with guitarist Polycarp Otieno better known as Sauti Sol winners of the Best African Act nomination for MTV European Awards this the group has had steady growth over the past few year moulding themselves and growing with their audience their debut album Mwanzo released in 2009 introduced the young band to the world and was followed with Sol Filosofia in 2011. In 2012 the band released a self-titled EP produced by Spoek Mathambo. Their third album titled Live and Die in Africa is set for release and for the past year have blessed their fans with single releases such as Still The One, Nisike and the hit that even got President Uhuru Kenyatta side stepping Sura Yako. Here is to a fantastic release and propelling Kenyan music to all corners of Africa and beyond.


The group released their latest single and video Nerea featuring Amos and Josh the songs running theme is about abortion and addresses Nerea pleading with her not to abort her unborn child as she does not know whom he or she will grow up to be, the lyrics are beautifully written heartwarming and highlights a major social issue. The video is directed by Enos Olik a long standing collaborator of the group the song is highly reminiscing of singles such as Coming Home of which shows that although the group has matured they are rooted in creating music that can surely be filled under the greats of Africa.

Maureen Muthoni


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    Nice song..
    Its an era where abortion seems and feels like a last option to save a career or maybe avoid family conflicts as a result of early pregnancies. Wild parties, matches and other wild escapades are just some of the places unprotected sex takes place that leave the participants at risk of early, unexpected pregnancies. It doesn’t matter the circumstances Nereah gets pregnant, the facts remains that abortion is wrong and it equals murder unless the mother’s life is at risk or medical practitioneers deem it as a last option.


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