Its that special day of the week cannot wait for next week the show needs to be lite otherwise am gonna …..nah the show will be hot like fire chale chale #MCM MusicalCrushMondays after missing a few shows last year its nice to be in England after I will pack my bags. Lool #youngfathers superly gassed.

#MCM No.3 Young Fathers (Vijana Baba)

Considering how much I have been obsessed with this band I have been stuck on how to write about them. So simple they are ‘AMAZING!!’ but for real tho (Wanda’s Voice). Young Fathers have been a blessed addition to my music collection, they throw a lot out to discuss in interviews and music a needed mix from race, identity, sexuality, TRIDENT, culture for once I can say that I found a group of musicians who represented my duality hence the STAN love.

Young Fathers is a POP group from Edinburgh members include Graham Hastings, Kayus Balonke and Alloysious Massaquoi last year they won Album of the Year at the Mercury Prize Awards then set off to finish their second LP White Men Are Black Men Too, and tour. Their previous releases are two EPs Tape 1 and Tape 2 (Of which won SAY AWARD) that was followed with an LP Dead (currently nominated for a SAY AWARD), stand out tracks from Dead include ‘War’ No Way Kayus opening bars Chale, Dip well just about the whole album.

I could go on and on and on but simply check out the music catch them on tour aside from that this week I get to see them alongside another fantastic talent artist Kojey Radical, with my music loving bud Ms Monica this has been in my diary for a sizzling minute, the video below was a the solid decider on wanting to see them live energy is on fleek.

Maureen Muthoni


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