GIG: Kojey Radical @Oslo Hackney

So I had this typed up after the show in January 16, then my phone died on me meaning that all images from the night were lost, so here I was waiting nine months to get Ms Monica to sent em to me.


Venue: Oslo Hackney

Date: Jan 2016

Kojey Radicals started 2016 of right listed as BBCs one to watch he also blessed the world with a headline gig in Oslo Hackney. Admits slight train delays with a few text updates from my friend “he’s a bit taller than I thought he would be” of which I thought was a lie until a photo opp changed that. I arrived at the venue Oslo Hackney.

The first  time I saw him was opening for Young Father’s at Koko Camden in May 2015 an added bonus at the time after discovering his video on SoulCulture. Nothing then indicated what graced his audience this night; then a talkative incredibly fashionable Kojey stood before us less of a showman but what a difference a few months makes.

Tonight Bobbie opened for Radical a perfect fit soulful rich vocals well accompanied by a live band. The crowd was given some time to catch a few vibes warm up with some dancehall classics and then the man of the hour took centre stage his path light with a sea of camera phones.


The best moment within minutes of gracing the stage Radical opened with ‘Preacher’ a tale of his upbringing in Church his experience and conflict superbly accompanied by Zulu. Zulu of whom was casually jamming in the crowd during Bobbie’s set jumped on stage a chance to put a face to the vocals as one of a favourite tracks it was a pleasant surprise to hear the track in it full glory actually if a moment will allow; this was a moment to bring church to question and deliver some outstanding vocals Zulu sang the hook outta that song moments like this make you value the strength and importance of live shows the energy lifted the song to a new level.

Someone fainted (hope they recovered well) during the show only to carried out by none other than Maverick, of whom then later come and blocked our view both me and Monica were not given the burden of long bones.

Kojey fitted in an outfit change of which I found quite impressive, celebrated his birthday Happy Birthday and announced his EP 23Winters Feb 23 release date. Added some serious Krumping to the mix of the show with ‘Open Hand’, at this point my concentration was slightly strained as it was nearing my bedtime, but nothing like breaking rules to witness magic.



“Oh, so your a dancer now?!” screamed an audience member and the simple answer is yes!!

All in all its simply amazing to see the sheer growth that Kojey has undergone in such a short time and his band was a perfect blend one can surely not work without the other. Am simply amiss for words to describe him as an artist a lyricist and a performer. As a fan I look forward to seeing what comes next.


Kojey Radical EP #23Winters is due for release on Feb 23.

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