Harry Kimani Choices

Artist: Harry Kimani

Event: Choices

Date: 16/02/17

Venue: J’s Westlands

Dress in a leather jacket and cowboy hat armed with a guitar.  A flash back to the previous Thursday I was asked what ever happened to Harry Kimani? I was lead to speak of this pending gig at Choices with the added description of him as the only man to make Gikuyu sound sexy.
Harry was far from a disappointment unlike Adele’s vocals on Grammy night his rich tone shone through. Although his soft spoken voice failed to punch through the crowd during the oh so vital introductions and links.

This is one of the best gems that Kenya has to offer musically the embodiment of culture and in this I speak of the musical blend that let’s everyone know unapologetically where your from.

Harry mixed his set with a few classics from ‘Redemption’, to ‘Water Runs Dry’ and Sam Cooke, not only a display of his vocal talent but a moment to share his own playlist his love. The Ambassador of Love the Master of Happiness and the Gikuyu Crooner all that can be asked for from Kimani is more, more of his musical talent.

On a wider lens the the event is switched on to a winning formula. Live music a reflection of people willing and ready to consume the best talent that Kenya has to offer, Choices is Live at J’s in Westlands every Thursday. This the first music event I’ve been to in this buzzing city to start on time, a lovely bonus catching a vibe on a Thursday night never fitted more than this.


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