Politics: Kenya Elections 2017

Politics: Kenya Elections 2017


General elections are scheduled to be held in Kenya on 8 August 2017. Voters will elect the President, his deputy, members of Parliament and devolved government members. It has been five years since Kenyans took to the poling stations and voted for Uhuru Kenyatta, and for the the first four months of 2017 it was interesting to watch the campaign season get into full swing from the large posters endless photoshoots for running MP’s and MCAS, this the  money making season for printing companies and photographers across Kenya, anyone with a dollar and a political dream stood a fair chance.


Uhuru Kenyatta Leader of Jubilee Party.

To the ever so interesting stories on a Friday evening over Tusker

‘So and so has a fundraiser tomorrow for his campaign…..’,

Wait so we are raising money for him to campaign so that we can vote for him? A few Tuskers later and the idea seems logical enough we will do just that.

The Kenyan election require way more than a few words summary to really capture what has gone on from the preliminary elections that seemed to hardly cut anyone out of the race, to the live debates that needed Jesus and his people dem to fully sustain your attention for the whole two or more hours; although it served well to introduce the public to more of the candidates running for the presidential seat considering Rila Odinga had a debate alone as Uhuru Kenyatta was trending on twitter having refused to take part in the debate.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga ODM Party

Here is a handy breakdown of what citizens are voting for:

  • Six separate ballot papers: For president, national assembly, female representatives, governors, senate and county assemblies
  • 47 parliamentary seats and 16 senate seats reserved for women
  • Eight presidential candidates: President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga are favourites
  • A candidate needs 50% plus one vote for first-round victory
  • More than 14,000 candidates running across the six elections
  • More than 45% of registered voters under 35
  • Some 180,000 security officers on duty nationwide in case of trouble

But we are here today 8/08/2017 and the people decide. The tension at moments can be felt over my Facebook feed, those ‘friends’ who spent the last 5 years hiding their tribalism let it hang out just as equally as those who strive for peace and unification update their wallpapers yes! ‘we are one’.

In the words of Juliani We are one or we are wana?  Because it seems like election season brings about a devil that we let brew and marinate over 5years. So what now?

We watch, we sit and watch and wait and wait to see what will happens over intense prayers, we wait to know who will lead us to Canaan.

The voting is currently underway across Kenya, check back for updates.


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