Young Fathers – ‘Lord’

While the government wants to control

Our country will set you free

Young Fathers have completed their third studio album and the first single is ‘Lord’ just a disclaimer am bias when writing about the most amazing band EVA!

Ally as always looks amazing…. and on that horse


…..looking like a full potential but before I digress.


The video is reminiscent of the Guinness Suffers Advert 1998 directed by Jonathan Glazer that my sixth form teacher subjected us to watching over 30 times in order to write a detailed analysis, actually the recent Guinness advert depicting Los Angeles Cowboys has sequences of horses so, this video because of Guinness and horse reminds me of Guinness but before you start thinking this piece is sponsored by Guinness lets get back to Young Fathers.

Young Fathers new single Lord is probably the best gospel song I’ve heard all year, we only leave little doubt because I haven’t listened to all gospel songs released this year, although Stomzy’s ‘Blinded’ was great.

The song opens with the chorus and the blended angelic voices of the group just captivate you, moments like this you are lost in the unison of the groups voices so intertwined its one choir that’s just been chilling for time gettings their vibes together.

The difference is evident, the growth from the first album Dead is something you can clearly hear the strength in vocal range, delivery the writing and production, this isn’t something that can be cooked up and dished up this is seasoned chicken, overnight in the fridge marinated and then cooked over coal heat its life-changing.


If wishes were horses

then beggars would ride

‘Only God’ the last release from the group was a lovely set up for ‘Lord’ and from the current theme, we cannot be wrong in assuming that the new album holds further exploration of spiritual themes and we look forward to hearing.

Young Fathers are also on tour in early 2018 check out their website to get a full listing on tour dates as for now check out the video for ‘Lord’.

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