Donae’O -Bingo ft Ghetts, Shakka

We have no more volume to add!

Donae’o just topped off the year with an absolute banger, CHALE!

His song Bingo featuring singer Shakka and Rapper Ghetts is the perfect way to wrap up the year and just enter 2018 skanking.

The energy in this song! The creativity! The talent!  Round of an applause, please.


Firstly let’s just acknowledge how much Doneao is on a league of his own, producer and singer the minute he blesses a track you can tell. He is one of my favourite people to follow on instagram he has such an infectious energy and his passion for house #saynomore.

The video ‘Bingo’ is directed and edited by J Mornix who has a healthy credit list, its a 1920s feel with hints of Great Gatsby fashion influences, we see’s the three artists in a huge mansion, impeccable styling by Taslima Khan just positive vibes and women fully dressed…..’we can only thank God!’

Donae’o has a gig in the new year at Islington Assembly Hall and Dj Pioneer of Kiss 100 will be spinning a set during the gig on Jan 25th 2018 grab your ticket and see you all there as for now enjoy the visuals for his current song ‘Bingo’.


REVIEW: Mista Silva 'Let It Off'

Mista Silva


April 2015


There is a very strong Ghanaian,or I should say West African community in London.. a good mixture of British born West Africans that feel strongly connected with their roots, and equally proud to be British. I guess this maybe one of the reasons the Afrobeats sound is so loud in the UK.” Told to OkayAfrica

On my two hour bus journey from work I listen, music keeps me company away from watching video memes that would otherwise have me laughing out loud and I refuse to look crazy on my commute, although it might help brighten dull dragging mornings of zombie faces on their way to and fro work.

Today I choose differently I opt for Represent Radio DJ Neptizzle Ultimate Afro Beat Show that has been staring at me for the past week, Mr Silva makes a guest appears talks through his career and his EP set for release. Self-assured and ready to take on all opportunities he has been working hard on a number of EPs fixed for release throughout the year, this first quarter we are presented with ‘Let It Off’ six tracks, clean production with a strong nod to highlife, you can hear the vast influences that Silva blends into his own style, his lyrics are positive and project a spiritual elevation that is rare to find in music. Silva has also captured a simple formula people are not always interested in LPs but are over single releases that linger along and have no home; this EP offers a great foundation.

‘Let it Off ‘offers some fantastic stand out tracks for example the second single B.A.D(Baddest, Achieving Don) with visuals from Kojey Radical a follow up of Like It ft A.I.M of which was accompanied with some super dope visuals another track is a collaboration with Castro Go Gaga, you will have to move when you hear it.

West African influences on “B.A.D” come within the verses taking inspiration from the language of Ghanaian and West African youth, broken English. By now you should know I really just enjoy blending cultures together in an African way.”

All in all Mista Silva is a breath of fresh air and anyone who can inject a unique sense of style and positive energy has to be celebrated and share with the rest of the world. His latest single ‘Goes Down’ really goes down too (all the puns in the world intended)

Let It Off is available for purchase in all major music outlets.

Maureen Muthoni


GIG: Young Fathers & Kojey Radical

Young Fathers

KOKO Camden, London

May 2015

Warning: This review is super bias because am a STAN.

Now that I have established that Alloysious is still FIiiiNEeeee in real life we can get to the review of Young Fathers gig at KOKO in Camden.


The opening act Kojey Radical was simply amazing he engage with the audience seamlessly comfortable on stage with his red cup … initial assumtion of a RED CUP is a little something something but life has taught me not to assume it might have been cold tea heck maybe Ribena but least we get distracted. Happy to be back on home turf Kojey was all the more excited that his mum was there to witness him performance for the first time and I can only guess how much pride she must have been filled with, he sampled a few new songs, Hamlet

“…Because Shakespeare is a badman!!

Delivered a number of songs of his EP the track Preacher, Preacher, was heartfelt and the current single Bambu, more respect and power to this gentleman from fashion to music and visual artistry am looking forward to seeing how his career continues to shape up fyi are Ghanaians drinking some special water CHALE! all these Artist/ Visual Artist mmhhhh? see Kojey own videos, Blitz The Ambassador and Wanlov.


After Kojey light up the stage signing off with Bambu I got caught up in a conversation on why Idris Elba did not need to play Nelson Mandela considering the wealth of actors in SA and at this point some serious drumming started rising up lights flashing and there they were YF on stage from this point it was a full hour of song after song after song none stop no pause aside from the ocassional one for Kayus to remove his jacket, unbutton his top and finally just remove it, chei Kayus twisted his hips quite a lot thru the set skills that we cannot just look over. The group as always have come across as carrying about performance as much as content and a message in the material they present.


The set was a heavy mixture from both TAPES and Albums; Rumbling was in the mix that’s all I cared for….Massaquoi wined a fair bit while singing (of which has to be recognised as a talent in itself). None spoke throughout the set expect a shoutout to Nestle “for killing the fucking babies” before Nest taken from their current album White Men Are Black Men Too….. and G introducing the final song asking if we wanted to “fucking dance” the answer was AYE and we did and that was the end. The crowd’s reaction was amazing throughout the show any artist would long to get people ‘TURNT’ on such a level what can I say?  I was on the right side of the world considering some reviews  of Yasin Bey performance in Nairobi.


YF are still on tour with Kojey Radical make sure you check them out if you can they are also playing a number of festivals this summer.

Maureen Muthoni


Review: Mumbi 'Discovered'


Artist: MUMBI 

EP : ‘Discovered’

Year: 2013


Mumbi is a Kenyan artists of who first caught the industries attention with a cover of Just A Bands ‘Probably for Lovers’ offering a smooth stripped back rendition of the single. The next I heard of Mumbi was with a realise titled ‘The End’ ft Fadhilee Itulya. The world was slowly but surely being introduced to its next female artist in July:14 I got a copy of hers and Wangechi’s Eps and have now worked through them to offer some reviews. 

As with EPs, ‘Discovered’ does the minimum expected firslty introduces Mumbi as an artist and secondly showcases her singing capabilities, ‘Discovered’ features four songs we don’t get a true glimpse of whom Mumbi is within the EP one can say that obviously with only four songs its going to be hard to do so, hence the space left to fully capture her audience in her LP; the four songs on offer fail to showcase Mumbi’s versatility and creatively lyrically or vocally and also in production once again all points that can be addressed in her full length album. 

We should hopefully anticipate a more driven direction when it comes to owning her genre fully and carrying the mantel for young female singers she has a wide advantage at this time and is her own competition within the Kenyan market and has a good starting ground in finding a clear direction be it in creating a cross genre in neo soul and or house. Simply put we need more diversity more display of versatility and vocal range even if it’s one song otherwise Mumbi runs the risk of having safe sounding, non intimidating songs that will not fully perpetuate her to standards that she is more than capable of attaining. 

Maureen Muthoni


Review: 12 Years a Slave

12 Years a Slave
Production year: 2013
Runtime: 133 mins
Directors: Steve McQueen
Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Brad Pitt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Paul Dano

‘12 Years a Slave’ was one film that I was close to denouncing and vowing never to watch. Why you may ask? Just like ‘Avatar‘(of which I have never watched) each year produces the ‘must watch’ film the one film that we all race to the cinema to view so that we can have a moment to look up from our phones and tablets and share a conversation, moreover this is a film about a heavy subject the unspoken sins of slavery bought to light by a British Director.

Aside from all that I watched the film on the 12th on January, made the trip to the cinema with two other friends and situated myself in the Vue Xtreeme to experience the Oscar tipped movie, the cinema audience as many others would mention was predominantly Caucasian, that only made some scenes that a group let out a nervous laugh seem misplaced. I cannot say that I loved any aspect of the film am someone who is drawn in by cinematography but I didn’t feel that the film visually took me anywhere the opening sequence editing being the only part that challenge the liner development of the piece. Chitewel Ejiofor (Solomon Northup) performance is somehow overshadowed by Lupita Nyong’o (Patsey) in the press so I found that I spent a longer time waiting to see her on screen while yearning for Solomon Northup to regain his freedom.

At the end we sat and was disappointed that I felt that the piece hadn’t stirred up anything in me, at no point was I moved to tears (while my friend sitting to the right of me shed a few) nor did I feel that McQueen had moved me to aspire to tell the slave narrative; having said that it does not mean that I am removed from the reality of the history that the images depicted; however violent and harsh speak to the struggles of the slaves who were sold into the trade. One question did arise why did we not see any real attempt to escape, were all the slaves content with slavery being their ultimate fate?
In all this was a chance to really unmask and take the slave narrative on film to another level ultimately the picture produced amazing characteristic representation but failed to unearth an in-depth well rounded depiction of the emotional turmoil that Solomon Northup encountered in his years in slavery.

I guess the problem I have is taking a real story and making it into a cinematic picture a form of escapism and entertainment. What is ‘12 Year a Slave’ purposes? To educate on the history of slavery or to create Hollywood stars and win awards? Or do the two come hand in hand in this case?