#TBT Maleek Berry – Last Daze of Summer

Maleek Berry announced a show at Scala and it soon sold out for some like me I was equally happy and disappointed as I was yet to purchase a ticket but will be nursing my FOMO with a get down of his first EP – Last Daze of Summer and look forward to his new music and continued growth. Check out the listen throughout I did for Maleek’s Berry EP -Last Daze of Summer.

GIG: Adekunle Gold @ 02 Islington

GIG: Adekunle Gold @ 02 Islington
Venue: Islington O2
Date: 30th June 2017


Adekunle Gold one of the most stylisticly unique artist in the thriving Afrobeat music scene offered the best of his Gold album in a sold out show at Islington O2.

Gold who recently became a free agent from the label YNBL founded by rapper Olamide has had one amazing rise to fame, authentic and true to himself, ‘Africans Son’ packaged for the world to share in life experiences through his music. Nothing is more true than the saying that ‘music is an international language’, this night offered medicine for the soul delivered in Yoruba.

Radio personality and Mr Factory 78 Adeshope warmed up the crowd with a DJ set perfect hypeman he had a buzzing energy that nearly made you forget why you were there in the first place.

Adekunle Gold graced the stage accompanied by a live band the 79th Element, Gold bought forth an authentic experience a full live band and African band from the bass to the talking drum this was a touch of Nigeria in London.


He opened the show with the single ‘Ready’ and the crowd went crazy and in the midst of excitement for a second I panicked, he started with his biggest hit but rest assured plenty kept on coming from ‘My Life’, ‘Beautiful Night’, ‘Orente’, ‘No Forget’, ‘Ariwo Ko’, ‘Sade’ and ‘Pick Up’.

He bought through his best friend MoeLogo a talented artist based in the London and they sang their duet ‘Only Girl’, MoeLogo also performed a few of his song from his EP ‘Irete’.


Just when my attention was about to go on a short break Adekunle stepped through with a remix the hit ‘Juice’ by artist YCee and Maleek Berry and it was a smash only he could do it and in that moment we saw the artist as a fan.

This show was a touch of Gold, from the band to the dancers everything was delivered to showcase an artist who represents his roots and culture through his music and what more can we ask for all the elements incorporated were just the right dose no over prescriped to cover a missing part. One thing also that cannot go amis Gold’s style that just has him looking like pure royalty. We cannot wait to see what comes next from Adekunle Gold as for now we await the video for his next single ‘ Call on Me’, of which he premiered during the gig.



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AfroPunk Paris 2016

AfroPunk Paris is drawing closer than close so we wanted to take a listen back to 2016 with an overview that was produced for MaarifaPodcast. Looking forward to see the great set of artists who will be gracing the stage from the likes of Blitz The Ambassador to Sir The Baptist.

AfroPunk this year is on the 15/16 July 2017

Enjoy the mix below with a cocktail of artists who graced the stage in 2016.

Harry Kimani Choices

Artist: Harry Kimani

Event: Choices

Date: 16/02/17

Venue: J’s Westlands

Dress in a leather jacket and cowboy hat armed with a guitar.  A flash back to the previous Thursday I was asked what ever happened to Harry Kimani? I was lead to speak of this pending gig at Choices with the added description of him as the only man to make Gikuyu sound sexy.
Harry was far from a disappointment unlike Adele’s vocals on Grammy night his rich tone shone through. Although his soft spoken voice failed to punch through the crowd during the oh so vital introductions and links.

This is one of the best gems that Kenya has to offer musically the embodiment of culture and in this I speak of the musical blend that let’s everyone know unapologetically where your from.

Harry mixed his set with a few classics from ‘Redemption’, to ‘Water Runs Dry’ and Sam Cooke, not only a display of his vocal talent but a moment to share his own playlist his love. The Ambassador of Love the Master of Happiness and the Gikuyu Crooner all that can be asked for from Kimani is more, more of his musical talent.

On a wider lens the the event is switched on to a winning formula. Live music a reflection of people willing and ready to consume the best talent that Kenya has to offer, Choices is Live at J’s in Westlands every Thursday. This the first music event I’ve been to in this buzzing city to start on time, a lovely bonus catching a vibe on a Thursday night never fitted more than this.


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Yemi Alade, Mi Casa – Get Through This

It seems that Mi Casa are the ones to break my long breaks when it comes to blogging. The video ‘Get Through This’ with Yemi Alade dropped today and we are just going to ignore the obvious treatment lift from T.I’s and Keri Hilson ‘Got Your Back’ but the Maleek Berry’s produced track is amazing, soulful vibes for you and your bae to get through the hard times. Enjoy the visuals ….walks away to sip the brewing tea.


Sauti Sol x Mi Casa -Tulale Fofoffo

Sauti Sol and Mi Casa hands down are the biggest bands from the continent of Africa they make boy bands look and sound sophisticated hence the more reason we were excited to discover this collaborations.

Christmas day after stuffing our faces and dancing the calories aways I played this song …. the “about to blow taster” that you give to the people before it all become common knowledge on the airwaves.

Chale! fast forward a few months and the video drops the excitment was real that was until I saw the visuals slow motions umbrella shots and dinning table catwalks, to say i expected more would be an unstatement, I am praying that the boys haven’t lost it as the last two videos have been slightly underwhelming .

The song still bangs though.

Maureen Muthoni