Bobby Mapesa & Calvo Mistari Featuring H_art The Band

This has to be one of the strongest collaboration that I’ve come across in a long while.

Bobby Mapesa and Colavo Mistari have a longstanding collaborative nature with a joint album released ‘BC’,  but we come across this song through H_art the Band, and they really “murdered”, the hook of the song …..plain and simple.

Furthermore, the production of the song is so unique uncopied, unmanufactured you are not going to hear this anywhere and when you do you will know who influenced it, the additional live instruments saxophone and horns just build to the story. Now let us discuss the story that the song tells.

‘A masterpiece, by BC & H_art The Band, describing how toxic these love situations can get sometimes.’

The song is a revenge plot of a love gone wrong and the visuals of the single perfectly showcase this, the protagonists caught her man cheating on her with another woman and she cooks a plot to pay them back in the meantime and between time she breaks a phone, burns some clothes and drives them both to the woods and dumps them there, although I question how she got home if she left the car behind. Either way, check out the video below!