REVIEW: Mista Silva 'Let It Off'

Mista Silva


April 2015


There is a very strong Ghanaian,or I should say West African community in London.. a good mixture of British born West Africans that feel strongly connected with their roots, and equally proud to be British. I guess this maybe one of the reasons the Afrobeats sound is so loud in the UK.” Told to OkayAfrica

On my two hour bus journey from work I listen, music keeps me company away from watching video memes that would otherwise have me laughing out loud and I refuse to look crazy on my commute, although it might help brighten dull dragging mornings of zombie faces on their way to and fro work.

Today I choose differently I opt for Represent Radio DJ Neptizzle Ultimate Afro Beat Show that has been staring at me for the past week, Mr Silva makes a guest appears talks through his career and his EP set for release. Self-assured and ready to take on all opportunities he has been working hard on a number of EPs fixed for release throughout the year, this first quarter we are presented with ‘Let It Off’ six tracks, clean production with a strong nod to highlife, you can hear the vast influences that Silva blends into his own style, his lyrics are positive and project a spiritual elevation that is rare to find in music. Silva has also captured a simple formula people are not always interested in LPs but are over single releases that linger along and have no home; this EP offers a great foundation.

‘Let it Off ‘offers some fantastic stand out tracks for example the second single B.A.D(Baddest, Achieving Don) with visuals from Kojey Radical a follow up of Like It ft A.I.M of which was accompanied with some super dope visuals another track is a collaboration with Castro Go Gaga, you will have to move when you hear it.

West African influences on “B.A.D” come within the verses taking inspiration from the language of Ghanaian and West African youth, broken English. By now you should know I really just enjoy blending cultures together in an African way.”

All in all Mista Silva is a breath of fresh air and anyone who can inject a unique sense of style and positive energy has to be celebrated and share with the rest of the world. His latest single ‘Goes Down’ really goes down too (all the puns in the world intended)

Let It Off is available for purchase in all major music outlets.

Maureen Muthoni



So I’ve decided to launch something new wait for it….. #MusicCrushMonday yes it come to me clear and straight, well most of my #MCM’s tend to be musician so why not mix it up and also get to share some of the fantastic music am currently listening to …. I hope this segment works beyond today, so the first official Music, Power and Politics #MCM isssss drum rollll…… Blitz The Ambassador.

Time away is always a great time to finally think evaluate, explore some of my fears and get to amerce myself in fantastic music my current listen is Blitz The Ambassador I can’t place when I first come across his music but his name was always circulating among the blogs I follow so this was a long overdue clear listen his mix in visual media commands your full attention, (as a side note I would be interested to see what him and John Akomfrah can cook up) but yup to the main point he has so far been the newest music addition and without aiming to sound cheesy he’s  a breeze, his smooth conscious and one artist that can actually pull me to explore my own musical desires but I digress once again press play enjoy the vibes and visuals for his album ‘Native Sun

Maureen Muthoni 


Music: Becca – Move ft UHURU

Becca ft Uhuru – Move

Director -Nicky Campos

Year -2014

Ghanian singer Becca realsed a new song that features UHURU a South African production collective. The song is upbeat and calls for people to move their body, truthfully it hasn’t captured my soul to move but I was pleasantly surprised by two legendary cameos that appear in the video. The Princess of African music Yvonne Chaka Chaka and the incredible Hugh Masekela.