Sauti Sol ft Tiwa Savage – ‘Girl Next Door’

Sauti Sol released their second single from their upcoming fourth studio collaboration album ‘ Afrikan Sauce’.  The group promises to release a single each month and thus far they have done so with the ‘slightly’ controversial video (only according to Ezekiel Mutua) ‘Melanie’ and now we have ‘Girl Next Door’ featuring Tiwa Savage. The single is produced by Maleek Berry and Co-written by Fena Gitu and the visuals directed by Unlimited L.A.

Firstly we can only assume that this collaboration come about from the many shots, shot by Biene, his endless declaration of love to Tiwa obviously got to her faster than Don Jazzy’s own to Rihanna but before we get carried away, we absolutely love the direction of this album thus far and can only hope that it also features collaboration from across Africa.

I also love seeing the group in a different setting enjoying life and as always producing outstanding music.

Check out the video below.

Bobby Mapesa & Calvo Mistari Featuring H_art The Band

This has to be one of the strongest collaboration that I’ve come across in a long while.

Bobby Mapesa and Colavo Mistari have a longstanding collaborative nature with a joint album released ‘BC’,  but we come across this song through H_art the Band, and they really “murdered”, the hook of the song …..plain and simple.

Furthermore, the production of the song is so unique uncopied, unmanufactured you are not going to hear this anywhere and when you do you will know who influenced it, the additional live instruments saxophone and horns just build to the story. Now let us discuss the story that the song tells.

‘A masterpiece, by BC & H_art The Band, describing how toxic these love situations can get sometimes.’

The song is a revenge plot of a love gone wrong and the visuals of the single perfectly showcase this, the protagonists caught her man cheating on her with another woman and she cooks a plot to pay them back in the meantime and between time she breaks a phone, burns some clothes and drives them both to the woods and dumps them there, although I question how she got home if she left the car behind. Either way, check out the video below!



Mumbi – ‘SENCES’

Mumbi released her single ‘Sences’ and the tune is a banger! The end.

Mumbi is a Kenyan born singer-songwriter who is based in the USA and she is obviously doing her part to make America Great once again with her lovely house tune,

Sences is a house track produced by Objecktive and the video was filmed by Reene Thompson. Check out the visuals below.


Ukweli & Sichangi -10,000 Hours ft Blinky Bill & Kerby

Absolutely in love with the East African Wave and the magic they keep spinning out.  The Kenyan based collective is a favorite on Soundcloud having produced some cool songs and with weekly mixes, ‘Wave Tape’ every Wednesday nothing like that mid-week music pump up and push through to keep you going.

This collaboration with Blinky Bill & Kerby is a partnership made in musical heaven, take a listen to ‘10,000 Hours’. Blinky’s effortless bars and Kerby’s flow has this song on constant repeat….none stop.


Victoria Kimani – ‘China Love’ ft R City

Not going to lie but I low key sleep on Ms Kimani only because I find the visuals sometimes overshadow the music and at times the songs are not for me oooo! that being said her latest album ‘Safari’ has seen her produce some lovely songs with strong lyrical concepts and am loving it,  ‘March Along’ is a perfect example of this, great lyrics, story and visuals just meeting up.

Her latest release China Love ft R City also a winner and has been on constant repeat, check out the video below.

Music: Okenyo – ‘Woman’s World’

“Don’t look down on me” the track opening sample.

1.) File under inspirational and motivational anthems

2.) Play straight after Laura Mvula’s ‘Phenomenal Woman’.

Kenyan, Australian all round dope singer Okenyo released the visuals of her latest single ‘Woman’s World’ and we are hooked, absolutely loving the cool, calm, collected soulful sound and inspirational lyrics with great affirmation. It is indeed a woman’s world.

From the styling by Benjamin Joseph, to choreography and all round feature of beautiful women including the amazing singer Thando.

We look forward to see what is next for Okenyo it is only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches on and starts raving about her and with her.

Watch the official video below:

VIDEO: Ayrosh – ‘Shuga Mami’

Nothing beats a track that truly represents a person and roots with so much ease, rare to find that when we do her at Maarifa we hold em high above the rest. Kenyan artist Ayrosh released a track ‘Shuga Mami’ and it has all the ingredients that we long for soul, R’n’B and a dose of Kikuyu (language from the Gikuyu people of Kenya). The production comes from the talented Mugo of Waithaika Ent the first of more set to come from the pair, we can only hope.

The song has a dope hook to start with and Ayrosh slides between Gikuyu and English with such ease and class. He sings about a love so pure and the visuals just bring it to life with him and his leading lady working out and enjoying each others company. So sit back relax and check out the visuals below.