Burna Boy ft Lily Allen – Heaven’s Gate/ Sekkle Down ft J Hus

Here we were thinking that Burna Boy was going to let us enjoy ‘Deja Vu’ for a few months but no on the 19th of Jan he dropped the visuals for his single ‘Heaven’s Gate ft Lily Allen.

Burna collectively snatched the little life left, this all efforts for a mixtape, let’s go over that again…A MIXTAPE! that will be released on 26/01, we cannot add much more.

The visuals of the video see Burna rapping in a kitchen while a woman vibes out cooking a meal in other scenes his in a barbershop, chilling on a couch while others play video games and with Lily Allen offering her oh so unique vocals somewhat reminiscent of her collaboration with Common.

You can watch the video for ‘Heaven’s Gate’ below and it also features a Jea5 produced track ‘Sekkle Down’ ft J Hus.

GIG: Young Fathers & Kojey Radical

Young Fathers

KOKO Camden, London

May 2015

Warning: This review is super bias because am a STAN.

Now that I have established that Alloysious is still FIiiiNEeeee in real life we can get to the review of Young Fathers gig at KOKO in Camden.


The opening act Kojey Radical was simply amazing he engage with the audience seamlessly comfortable on stage with his red cup … initial assumtion of a RED CUP is a little something something but life has taught me not to assume it might have been cold tea heck maybe Ribena but least we get distracted. Happy to be back on home turf Kojey was all the more excited that his mum was there to witness him performance for the first time and I can only guess how much pride she must have been filled with, he sampled a few new songs, Hamlet

“…Because Shakespeare is a badman!!

Delivered a number of songs of his EP the track Preacher, Preacher, was heartfelt and the current single Bambu, more respect and power to this gentleman from fashion to music and visual artistry am looking forward to seeing how his career continues to shape up fyi are Ghanaians drinking some special water CHALE! all these Artist/ Visual Artist mmhhhh? see Kojey own videos, Blitz The Ambassador and Wanlov.


After Kojey light up the stage signing off with Bambu I got caught up in a conversation on why Idris Elba did not need to play Nelson Mandela considering the wealth of actors in SA and at this point some serious drumming started rising up lights flashing and there they were YF on stage from this point it was a full hour of song after song after song none stop no pause aside from the ocassional one for Kayus to remove his jacket, unbutton his top and finally just remove it, chei Kayus twisted his hips quite a lot thru the set skills that we cannot just look over. The group as always have come across as carrying about performance as much as content and a message in the material they present.


The set was a heavy mixture from both TAPES and Albums; Rumbling was in the mix that’s all I cared for….Massaquoi wined a fair bit while singing (of which has to be recognised as a talent in itself). None spoke throughout the set expect a shoutout to Nestle “for killing the fucking babies” before Nest taken from their current album White Men Are Black Men Too….. and G introducing the final song asking if we wanted to “fucking dance” the answer was AYE and we did and that was the end. The crowd’s reaction was amazing throughout the show any artist would long to get people ‘TURNT’ on such a level what can I say?  I was on the right side of the world considering some reviews  of Yasin Bey performance in Nairobi.


YF are still on tour with Kojey Radical make sure you check them out if you can they are also playing a number of festivals this summer.

Maureen Muthoni


PODCAST: EP1 MusicPowerPolitics – The Great Migration

Just like any relationship its good to spice things up and offer a new dimension to things so am pleased to present the first Podcast Episode of MusicPowerPolitics The Great Migration I hope that you all enjoy it and share it.

Ep 1 of Music Power and Politics The Great Migration. This is the first episode of my blog transition. Excited to put my voice into the conversation of life.

Track List :
Kanda Bongo Man -Tika Kolela
Orchestra Makassy – Mambo Bado
Awilo Longomba- Coupe Bibamba
Kwame Rigg – Malkia
‪Adawnage Band ft Dominic Khaemba – Safari

Review: Raheem Baraké EP AWOL

raheem-bakare Artist: Raheem Barake Album: AWOL EP Year: 2014

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ Raheem Barake is fast raising in the music scene offering a breath of fresh air AWOL is an extended play released in July 2014 . An EP is a taste of what is to come and am excited to say the least this just shows the great potential that Raheem poses and it gives me great pleasure to know that real RnB is being produced.

 I come across his music from a post of Facebook and as always with new music it was inevitable for me to click and find out more, from a simple interview on MTV Base and videos on Youtube I was hooked. Let it be said that Raheem has managed to blend and cross over a number of generations. How many times can individuals over the age of 20 count the conflict between listening to “current” artists and longing for that real old school RnB flavour, the type of flavor that expreses a lerned art anyway without placing too much weight on his shoulders Raheem manages to do so from his delivery you can tell the obvious musical influences yet he does not age himself nor his music. Two stand out tracks are: Track 4: ‘Portrait of Love’ Track 7: ‘Carried Away’ The live instruments intensifies the flow of the EP a great way to sign out, the EP offers a good amount of work does end abruptly nor does it give a half hearted attempt in short it does what an extended play should do showcase the potential of the artist. Raheem was also apart of the first ever BET Music Matters UK of which can be greater things are to come.

You can listen and download the EP on the link below and also view one of the video releases.

Maureen Muthoni


Diesel + Edun, Studio Africa London Launch

Diesel and Edun

Thanks to OkayAfrica I had a wonderful chance to attend the Diesel and EDUN London Launch on March the 5th 2013, despite the extremely long wait in a stationary queue for two good hours and missing a performance from artist Baloji I was blown away by Dj sets from Kyle Hall B2B FunkinEven and Culoe De Song.

The cause? ‘Celebrating and Promoting Creativity in Africa’; bore out of a creative collaboration between Diesel and EDUN a 25 piece collection fully manufactured in Uganda Africa was produced. The collection is presented by a new creative generation of talent emerging from all corners of the African Continent offering more than just clothes it highlights the talents of all nine artists involved and places them at the center of the campaign.

The atmosphere was set to the ‘tee’ with images from Soweto trio ISEEADIFFERENTYOU   mounted around the the gallery space, definitely bringing a breath of Southern sunshine to cold Ole’ London while video instilations from the campaign filled the walls across the room. So with the music pumping and drinks flowing a true celebration promoting creative talent from African was at play. Get a feel of the event from the video below and check out Studio Africa’s Tumblr for more information about the cast and mission.

Courtesy of Diesel+EDUN
Spoke Mathambo
Maureen, Fokn Bois and Monica
Maureen, Fokn Bois and Monica
Photo Courtesy of Studio Africa
Kyle Hall B2B FunkinEven Set
Sy Alassane; Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud; Yannick Illunga
Sy Alassane; Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud; Yannick Illunga

Photos Courtesy of ‘Studio Africa’ London

Music and the Law

What happens when music clashes with the law of the land?
Picture a wonderful West London town lets call it mmhh Shepards Bush just outside the underground station for that fact and here we are introduced to our wonderfully talented beatboxer Beatfox who having scouted the best place to get the best exposure is stopped by two policemen for busking. Watch how the event unfolds.

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