Ukweli & Sichangi -10,000 Hours ft Blinky Bill & Kerby

Absolutely in love with the East African Wave and the magic they keep spinning out.  The Kenyan based collective is a favorite on Soundcloud having produced some cool songs and with weekly mixes, ‘Wave Tape’ every Wednesday nothing like that mid-week music pump up and push through to keep you going.

This collaboration with Blinky Bill & Kerby is a partnership made in musical heaven, take a listen to ‘10,000 Hours’. Blinky’s effortless bars and Kerby’s flow has this song on constant repeat….none stop.



So I’ve decided to launch something new wait for it….. #MusicCrushMonday yes it come to me clear and straight, well most of my #MCM’s tend to be musician so why not mix it up and also get to share some of the fantastic music am currently listening to …. I hope this segment works beyond today, so the first official Music, Power and Politics #MCM isssss drum rollll…… Blitz The Ambassador.

Time away is always a great time to finally think evaluate, explore some of my fears and get to amerce myself in fantastic music my current listen is Blitz The Ambassador I can’t place when I first come across his music but his name was always circulating among the blogs I follow so this was a long overdue clear listen his mix in visual media commands your full attention, (as a side note I would be interested to see what him and John Akomfrah can cook up) but yup to the main point he has so far been the newest music addition and without aiming to sound cheesy he’s  a breeze, his smooth conscious and one artist that can actually pull me to explore my own musical desires but I digress once again press play enjoy the vibes and visuals for his album ‘Native Sun

Maureen Muthoni 


Lupe Fiasco – 'Bitch Bad'

“Disclaimer: This rhymer, Lupe’s not usin’ bitch as a lesson
But as a psychological weapon”

“Conversation piece”

Released on June 25th 2012 ‘Bitch Bad’ is the second single from the album Food Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, the song tackles misogyny in the hip hop culture and the use of the word ‘Bitch’ in rap music delving into the effects of its use in society and on developing children.

This though is not the first time that Lupe has addressed the use of the word early at the start of his career his album featured ‘Hurt Me Soul’ where he speaks of his ‘hate’ of hip hop due to the dismissal and degrading of women in lyrics.

“I used to hate hip-hop… yup, because the women degraded
But Too $hort made me laugh, like a hypocrite I played it
A hypocrite I stated, though I only recited half
Omittin the word “bitch,” cursin I wouldn’t say it”

‘Hurt Me Soul’ from Food Liquor

In the video below Lupe sits down with Rap Genius to discuss the definition of ‘Bad Bitch’.

Bitch bad, woman good
Lady better, they misunderstood