Shekhinah – Suited

Shekhinah released the visuals to her single Suited and we are in love with everything that she is serving. The South African songstress discovered on South African Idol Season 7 has curved out a unique path for herself releasing some amazing house influenced, soul infused songs that has her walking her own very distinctive path and we absolutely love her, Shekhinah is so current and just at the cusp of global recognition.

In Suited Shekhinah sings of a love that’s suited for each other, tailor made. The visual she her and her love interest share moments together, take a trip to the tattoo shop and hit a spot to drink and dance the night away with a group of friends.

Check out the visuals below:

Sauti Sol x Mi Casa -Tulale Fofoffo

Sauti Sol and Mi Casa hands down are the biggest bands from the continent of Africa they make boy bands look and sound sophisticated hence the more reason we were excited to discover this collaborations.

Christmas day after stuffing our faces and dancing the calories aways I played this song …. the “about to blow taster” that you give to the people before it all become common knowledge on the airwaves.

Chale! fast forward a few months and the video drops the excitment was real that was until I saw the visuals slow motions umbrella shots and dinning table catwalks, to say i expected more would be an unstatement, I am praying that the boys haven’t lost it as the last two videos have been slightly underwhelming .

The song still bangs though.

Maureen Muthoni




Top five current tunes from amazing artist who just happen to be African.

Wanlov the Kubolor – Never Go Change

Corruption is global and Wanlov presents it so simply and purely in this track accompanied by a black and white video. The song is reminiscent of his single Human, heartfelt music with meaning.

Fantasma – Cat and Mouse

The first time I heard this song I was convinced that I had lost it …. its rare to hear ‘Kiswahili Sanifu’ Pure Kiswahili in music, mostly when you were not anticipating it. The single is accompanied by a video of young  ballet dancers who dance within townships, Spoek main aim was to showcase the benefits new skills extended to children living within townships.

Stonebwoy ft DJ Juls – Rudeboi Love

Purely on the strength of the production the next lines can be filled with an in-depth analysis and breakdown of elements that can be picked up but this has to be one of the best collaborations so far in the year, relaxed of the strength of this track Stonebwoy can take the BET INT award not many people within Afrobeats seek to merge a few genres some dub reggae elements shine through.

Burna Boy – Sonke

Anyone who knows me, knows that language is a tool that I greatly admire within music and Burna Boy has also found ways of adding his own swag (that word has been dying out) to his music Sonke does not disappoint, this is definitely one track that will not miss spin on decks this summer.

M.anifest – Forget Dem

Just felt it was nice to share this visual recently M.anifest has realised some fantastic videos but this one stood out mainly because my ultimate #MCM features and I wasn’t expecting it but it was a nice surprise.

Sharing is caring who are you jamming to at the moment.

Maureen Muthoni


Music: Becca – Move ft UHURU

Becca ft Uhuru – Move

Director -Nicky Campos

Year -2014

Ghanian singer Becca realsed a new song that features UHURU a South African production collective. The song is upbeat and calls for people to move their body, truthfully it hasn’t captured my soul to move but I was pleasantly surprised by two legendary cameos that appear in the video. The Princess of African music Yvonne Chaka Chaka and the incredible Hugh Masekela.

Happy Birthday Madiba

Happy Birthday to one of the most influential man in the world His Excellency Nelson Mandela, we continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. Born July 18 Mandela served as the first Black President of South Africa serving from 1994 till 1999.

nelson-mandela“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
― Nelson Mandela

Mandela Film Poster 'Long Walk to Freedom'

February 2012  Maureensmediahype

During a promotional interview for his film ‘Ghost Rider’ Idris Elba revealed what he will be working on next;

“My big project this year, I’m gonna go play Nelson Mandela in Long Walk To Freedom, which is his official book. That’s where my head is geared to this summer.”

It will be interesting to see how the finish product turns out and I hope that all the best effort has gone into making the film a honorable homage to the Great Nelson Mandela, purely due to the number of films that have been made it will be a perfect ending to all attempts of telling a story that surpasses human creativity.

Idris Elba Mandela Poster

Idris Elba is to portray Nelson Mandela in the motion picture ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ the poster marks the first images released since it was announced that Elba was taking on the iconic role.

As a true fanatic of Elba it does bring to mind the constant debate of why only ‘Hollywood bankable’ actors are offered these major roles and not Africans in this case a South African. This is in no way to undermine Elbas’ capability as an actor and he is of African origin and in reality we can hope  (will confirm after watching the film) that   its cinematic value will be outstanding; nonetheless in the case of history why hasn’t this role reached the hands of the many outstanding South African actors who have been captivating audiences around the world on television and in feature films.

The story of Mandela somehow seems through previous attempts to surpass the ability of many, if it is not for the accents dropping or bordering on mockery it is the lack of emotion and delivery that in my opinion will be best sought after from a South African native who can draw and deliver from their own history and understanding of a major moment and figure that shaped present day.

Take a moment and consider a statesman or women of power and prominence in the Western World being depicted by actors of African origin?

Ultimately yes… your talents and capability to take on the role can surely be deemed of more importance; although the mentality that producers and executives have come to pass on as the norm have to be challenged and questioned.

Asked why Elba and not a South African was cast in the lead role, the producer is alleged to have claimed that South African actors lacked the necessary inches [height] to play Mandela.

Why is Nelson Mandela one of the most prominent figures in African History constantly appearing onscreen as somebody else? In exploring the topic I took a look back at some of the individuals who have played Mandela onscreen over the years.

Actors who portrayed Mandela 

Danny Glover:  Mandela.  (1987)

Sidney Poitier:  Mandela and De Klerk. (1997)

Dennis Haybert: Goodbye Bafana (2007)

Morgan Freeman: Invictus (2009)

Terrence Howard: Winnie (2011)

Idris Elba: Long Walk to Freedom (2013)

Mandela has only been played by two South African born actors Simon Sabela in the 1966 two-part West German TV documentary Der Rivonia-Prozeß and  Lindani Nkosi in 2004’s feature film Drum.

Ultimately I pray that Idris Elba will play this role so well that he and Naomie Harris can win some Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTAS and none will feel the need to retell the story as most attempts seem to have been looking for a perfect formula.

As always let me know what you think, are you excited about the release, who else could play Mandela well onscreen?